I'm interested in joining RAPIDREALTY, but I'm not licensed and have no real estate experience. Will a RAPIDREALTY broker be interested in sponsoring me?

Do I need a vehicle to work at RAPIDREALTY?

Although many other offices do require you to have your own vehicle, we do not require you to have one. In fact a lot of our best agents do not have a vehicle. A vehicle in most cases will make time management a lot easier but this does not mean that it is a must. Many agents have come into our office without a car and in a short period of time have earned enough money to purchase one.

How old do I have to be to work as a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson?

How long is the training?

Can I work Part Time hours?

I'm not doing so well financially and need to start working quickly. I'm interested, but how long will it take for me to get started?

I've always wanted to have a career in real estate but I'm afraid to commit to a commission based job that does not offer any salary. Why should I take this risk?

What If I fail the State Licensing Exam? Can I retake it? If so how long before I can?

Other than the Salesperson/Rental Agent position, are there any other positions that your organization offers?

I really want to work for a company that is growing and offers me the opportunity to grow alongside it. Are there real growth opportunities within your organization?

I noticed that your website really focuses on apartment rentals. Does that mean that I can only rent apartments and not do any sales?

How will I find clients? I hate cold calling!