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One of RAPIDREALTY's biggest claims to fame is our TATTOO BRAND AMBASSADORS. These are agents who give a whole new meaning to the phrase "brand loyalty." They love working at RAPIDREALTY so much that they've actually gotten tattoos of our logo!

In Spring, 2013, a few media outlets ran a story about our Tattoo Brand Ambassadors that quickly went viral. In the blink of an eye, RAPIDREALTY became a global media phenomenon. The story made headlines in numerous countries and was translated into seven different languages. Everybody wanted to know how this real estate company could inspire such dedication in its agents that they would want to show it on their bodies.

It's no big secret. Our agents love where they work, they love what they do, and they're not afraid to show it.
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How did the RAPIDREALTY tattoos get started?

It all started when a Brooklyn RAPIDREALTY agent, who was already heavily tattooed, helped a tattoo artist find a commercial space to open a new studio. The artist was so impressed by the agent's work that he suggested that the agent should get a tattoo of the company logo. The agent liked the idea, and contacted RAPIDREALTY CEO Anthony Lolli to let him know what was happening. Anthony was blown away by this display of company loyalty and immediately rushed down to pay for the tattoo himself.

A year later, two more agents, inspired by the video of the first agent explaining why he wanted a RAPIDREALTY tattoo , decided to get their own Rapid ink. That's when the idea really caught on. On one day in August, 2012, that came to be known around the company as "Tattoo-palooza," 11 agents from offices all over New York City went to get Rapid tattoos together. And it kept growing from there. By the time the media started covering the phenomenon, around 40 agents had gotten tattoos of the RAPIDREALTY logo. That number is now much higher!

Is it true that agents get a raise for getting a tattoo?

Do you really encourage agents to get tattoos? Don't they look unprofessional?

If I join RAPIDREALTY, will I be pressured to get a tattoo?

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