What is a No Fee Apartment?

A "No Fee" Apartment is an apartment where the landlord pays the fee for the tenant. Landlords are willing to pay the fee because they realize that No Fee listings are more popular and rent faster than apartments with a fee.

Do you only offer No Fee Apartments?

RAPIDREALTY offers apartments with fees and without fees. There are lots of great apartments in both categories, so keep an open mind about fees when shopping: Find an Apartment.


YES you can. RAPIDREALTY is now offering Renter Key to pay your broker fees over time rather than all upfront at lease signing. You can also use Renter Key to pay your first month’s rent, security deposits, moving expenses etc. over time. Protect your cash flow and amortize your upfront costs, for whatever reason. Up to $35,000, rates start at 4.7% APR and you can get your rate in just 2 minutes - it won't affect your credit score!

Reneter Key

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Why do some apartments have fees?

It's the landlord's decision whether to offer the apartment as No Fee or not. Many landlords do not like to pay the fee because they know that their listing is hot and it will rent quickly with or without a fee. Whenever possible, we always encourage landlords to pay the fee.

How much does a Broker's Fee cost?

All apartments at RAPIDREALTY are LOW fee or No Fee. If a standard apartment does carry a fee, it will be fully disclosed to you.

Are there any other fees?

For an up-front breakdown of what you can expect to pay at RAPIDREALTY, read About Our Fees.